Congressman Lowenthal On The Importance Of The Safe Climate Caucus

Feb 11, 2015
Blog Post
Caucus aims to address climate denial head on.

I am so pleased that Mr. Waxman asked me to take over as the chair of the House’s Safe Climate Caucus, a caucus that he originally started when the House came under Republican control and the new Majority stopped trying to tackle climate change.  This caucus aims to speak the truth, even in the face of denial.    

It is Congress’s job to ensure the health, well-being, and security of our constituents and the world we live in.  Climate change is a major threat to our health and security that only grows the longer we wait. Unfortunately, many in congress refuse to even acknowledge that climate change is occurring, or that humans have an impact and actions need to be taken.

The goal of the Safe Climate Caucus is to raise awareness in congress and with the public about the many ways climate change is affecting the societies and ecosystems we hold dear, and what we can do about it.  Congress needs to act to reduce emissions, encourage new innovation for clean energy, and increase the resilience of our communities.  This year we will focus on these goals by giving floor speeches, writing opinion articles, introducing legislation, and more, and I look forward to working with our 37 other Members