News Clips: Week of August 22, 2016

Aug 22, 2016
Blog Post

This week, the National Park Service celebrates its 100th birthday, Baton Rouge is rebuilding after the extreme flood last week, and the White House is putting pressure on the SEC to do more for climate risk disclosure. 

Climate change will mean the end of national parks as we know them.

“As the National Parks Service turns 100 this week, their efforts to chart and stem the threat to the country’s history faces a daunting task. America’s grand symbols and painstakingly preserved archaeological sites are at risk of being winnowed away by the crashing waves, wildfires and erosion triggered by warming temperatures.” 


Natural Disasters: Extreme floods may be the new normal.

“Many are asking themselves: Are they doing enough to plan for and to adapt to large rain events that climate scientists predict will become more frequent and more intense as global temperatures continue to rise? The answer in many communities is no, it’s not enough.”


Enlist the market in the climate change fight [Op-Ed]

“Here in the U.S., the Securities and Exchange Commission has already taken important steps to make clear that today’s climate risks can be financially material, which is necessary to trigger mandatory disclosure requirements. But shareholders are increasingly pushing management to be more attentive to climate risk. This proxy season alone, shareholders filed a record-setting 94 climate-related proposals at shareholder meetings of U.S. companies. And these proposals garnered majorities or near-majorities in several high-profile shareholder votes.”