Reps. Honda and Garamendi Discuss California Climate Change

Apr 16, 2015
Press Release

Washington, D.C. — This week the Safe Climate Caucus addressed the impacts of climate change in California.   The 4-year drought and record low snowpack in the Sierra’s point to a changing way of life in the state.  

In Congressman Honda’s (CA-17) opinion article in Roll Call, he and Michael Shank (from Climate Nexus) argue that acting on climate change today is a sound business decision. 

“We need to act today. The threats multiply the longer we wait. It’s estimated that in just 35 years, nearly $10 billion worth of California property will be underwater, with another $10 billion at risk during high tide. By 2100, nearly $20 billion of California’s coastal property will likely be consumed by rising sea levels. The Bay Area alone could witness 3 feet to 4 feet of sea level rise, putting $62 billion worth of infrastructure and property at risk, which is why we need to bring together Bayfront communities to address this threat collectively. While precipitation will decrease in spring and fall seasons, heavy storms will increase, accompanied by more costly flooding. Roughly $580 billion in assets, and 7 million Californians in the state’s floodplains, are at risk as floods become more frequent.” 

Congressman Garamendi (CA-3) went to the House floor on Thursday morning to highlight the undeniable fact that California is hotter and dryer than it used to be. 

“You can debate whether the drought is or is not the result of climate change, but you cannot debate the fact that CO2 in our atmosphere is approaching 400 parts per million; highest it’s ever been in over 800,000 years. You cannot debate the fact that it’s a heck of a lot warmer in California in the last decade than it’s ever been in recorded time. You cannot debate the fact the snow level in California is rapidly rising up the Sierra Nevada and the Siskiyou Mountains leaving us with an ever smaller snow reservoir. This is a real problem. We need to address it with very strong, powerful legislation here in Congress.”