Safe Climate Caucus Members Celebrate 100-Day Milestone

Dec 3, 2013
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC— Today Members of the Safe Climate Caucus spoke on the House floor regarding the urgent need to address climate change.  Today marks the 100th legislative day of speeches by Safe Climate Caucus members.  

“Since we started this effort, California has been rocked by devastating wildfires, the Midwest has been damaged by tornados, an early season blizzard wiped out livestock in the Dakotas, and deadly floods destroyed parts of Colorado,” said Rep. Doris O. Matsui.  “We will continue to make our voices heard on the House floor until everyone comes to the table, effective action is taken, and future generations are protected.”

“American businesses understand that the changing climate is already hurting their bottom lines and they’re taking action to strengthen their competitiveness and resiliency," said Rep. Lois Capps.  "Congress should be doing the same, yet our Majority continues to stick its head in the sand and do nothing.  Climate change poses a real and immediate threat to our economy and we really can’t afford to wait any longer.” 

“We have to put our partisanship aside and deal with the financial effects of climate change,” said Rep. Matt Cartwright.  “The time has come for Congressional action, for our own good and the good of our children and our grandchildren.”

“My constituents are at risk.  Our task is to keep America safe, whether that’s from some military threat from somewhere in the world, or from some natural threat, for example, extreme storms, extreme flooding, making sure the infrastructure, the levees and the protections for our citizens are in place.  I want us to deal with that,” said Rep. John Garamendi.

“Since February, the members of the Safe Climate Caucus reported on the alarms that the scientists are sounding,” said Rep. Henry A. Waxman.  “We are speaking out because we have a duty to our neighbors, to our children, and to our grandchildren.  We are at a critical juncture.  I urge all members to join with the Safe Climate Caucus in ensuring we make the right choices for our future and for our economy.”

A member of the Safe Climate Caucus has spoken each legislative day since the Caucus's founding on February 15, except during the Republican government shutdown, delivering 127 speeches over the 100 days. 

Rep. Waxman's speech is available online here.  Click here for a full transcript.

Rep. Capps' speech is available online here.  Click here for a full transcript. 

Rep. Matsui's speech is available online here.  Click here for a full transcript.

Rep. Cartwright's speech is available online here.  Click here for a full transcript.

Rep. Garamendi's speech is available online here.  Click here for a full transcript.