Huffman: Modernize U.S. Postal Fleet to Fight Climate Change

Jan 16, 2014

WASHINGTON­—Congressman Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael), a member of the Safe Climate Caucus, spoke on the House floor today about the need to modernize the U.S. Postal Fleet in order to fight climate change. Huffman noted that while the rest of the federal fleet is making critical strides to reduce petroleum consumption, the Postal Service is exempt from an Executive Order signed by President Obama in 2009 requiring the federal vehicle fleet to reduce petroleum use by 30 percent by 2020. Huffman also indicated that he will soon introduce a bill to modernize the Postal Service’s fleet.

“But the United States Postal Service—which owns and operates the world’s largest civilian fleet—is exempt from this critical effort and is headed in the wrong direction on fossil fuel consumption.,” Congressman Huffman said. “141,000 of their vehicles, nearly three quarters of their delivery fleet, are aging Grumman LLVs, the old mail truck we see in our neighborhoods every day. Most get less than 10 miles per gallon and they’re reaching the end of their operational lifespan. To save money and cut emissions, the Postal Service desperately needs a modern, efficient fleet. ”

Huffman noted that the Postal Service owns and operates the world’s largest civilian vehicle fleet: 192,000 mail delivery vehicles that are driven 4.3 million miles per day. More than 141,000 are aging Grumman LLVs, which average only 10 miles per gallon. This vehicle first entered service in 1987, and the majority have reached the end of their 24-year operational lifespan. Fueling these vehicles comes at a high cost: in FY 2010, the petroleum fuel bill for all postal transportation totaled $1.7 billion. And, since 2005, the Postal Service has marked a 6.4% increase in petroleum use.

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