Rep. Kilmer Speaks to Damage of Washington Wildfires

Sep 18, 2015

Sept 18, 2015

"Mr. Speaker, as a member of the Safe Climate Caucus I rise today to note the damage wildfires wrecked in Washington state this summer. It’s a fact that our climate is changing. We just had one of the driest springs in more than 100 years. That led to trees and vegetation becoming kindling for the massive fires we’ve seen.  The largest wildfire in our state’s history hit Central Washington, forcing thousands to flee and putting firefighters in harm’s way.  We have a wildfire that continues to smolder in the middle of the Olympic National Park, a rain forest.   From Washington to California brave emergency responders have spent this summer on the front lines battling flames with no signs of abating.  I believe it’s time we pay attention to these warning signs. If we want a better world for our kids, if we want to protect the communities where we live,  then we need to confront the threats our changing climate creates.  I yield back the balance of my time. "

-Rep. Derek Kilmer (WA-06)