Rep Tonko: Deniers should listen to Pope's Climate message

Sep 10, 2015

September 10, 2015

Congressman Paul Tonko (NY-20) urged climate deniers to heed the message of Pope Francis to care for the poor and act on climate in a message on the floor of the House of Representatives.


Pope Francis will address this body in a joint session this month, and I join my colleagues on both sides of the aisle when I say I am eager to receive the Holy Father’s message of peace as a reminder of where our priorities should lie in our work here in the House.  As the Pope explained earlier this year in an encyclical, becoming a better steward of our environment should be a priority for all of us.The leader of the Catholic Church accurately points out that it is a moral imperative to care for others and the gifts we have been given by addressing climate change – and addressing it now. It is time to work together to better protect our environment and build a culture of stewardship.I thank Pope Francis for his focus on this issue, and I hope the words he shares in two weeks will ring true with all of us, including those who continue to deny climate change, both in this body and around the world. For having the wisdom to change one’s mind and evolve in thought is a blessing.  I hope the Pope’s encyclical will encourage deniers to work with us to find creative ways to clean up our environment, help create jobs, and make our world just a little bit better for our kids and grandkids.